How To Make a London Fog

It’s a chilly day, and you’re craving a London Fog. However, you’re too cozy to justify putting on clothes and heading to the local coffee shop. We’re here to help! Follow our quick London fog tea recipe. It’s simple, it'll save you cash, and best of all, you can stay in your onesie.

5-step London Fog Tea Recipe (with an Indonesian twist)


Step 1 To start, take 2 teaspoons of your favourite earl grey tea blend. We will be using our Indonesian loose-leaf blend Citrus Meadow, which resembles a traditional earl grey (with an Indonesian twist).

Step 2 Add 250ml - 300ml of water boiled at 100 degrees Celsius or 210 Fahrenheit (if you like to get technical with water temperature) and leave the tea to steep for 4-5 minutes.

Step 3 While your tea is steeping, get your favourite mug and add 1 teaspoon of honey (vanilla syrup or sweetener of choice).

Step 4 Now take your steeped tea, and fill your favourite mug 2/3rds full (leaving room for the steamed milk or a preferred alternative).

Step 5 Finally, pour 1/3rd steamed milk into your favourite mug, add cinnamon (or don’t) and shazam! You have now successfully avoided leaving the house and made a delicious-cozy London fog from scratch. 

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